1. Publish Result and Marks of students through your School website.
  2. Do assignment and work by using web-school facilities.
  3. Easily add & update content: add newsflashes, news articles, calendar events, photos, scanned images, documents and more.
  4. School on air.
  5. Keep your school contact details and calendar events up to date.
  6. Create photo albums and upload images.
  7. Showcasing students work.
  8. Create individual user accounts for parents, teachers, staff and children to control access to areas of the site.
  9. Download Admission Application Form from your site.
  10. Integrate multi-media (video & sound) and Flash animations into your site.
  11. Social media integration.
  12. Spot light.
  13. Online donation.
  14. Updated publications.
  15. Virtual library and many more


  1. To be accessible: Over 3 billion people on earth uses the internet.
  2. It is the fastest ways to target a wider market and customers.
  3. Your organization gains credibility.
  4. A website creates a competitive edge.

5. A website increases awareness about your products and services.

6.  A website increases your hours of operation: 24hrs daily.

7. A website opens new channels of communication with staff, affiliates, agents and suppliers.

  1. A website saves you money.
  2. It enables you to keep your customer informed.
  3. It saves time and stress.
  4. It makes you showcase your work and quality globally.
  5. Websites are affordable to set up.
  6. Owning a webmail e.g
All our websites are Searched Engine Optimized and all desired features of your choice can be integrated into your website.




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