SMAT NUMBER (Toll & Non Toll Free)

The SMAT Number Service provides personal identity to any business or customer who has subscribed to it. It is the ultimate in corporate branding.

A SMAT number is a telephone number where the letters associated with the number’s digits on the telephone spell a name or word of value to the subscriber. A SMAT Number spells your company name, product you sell, services your company provides or any unique number you select. Eg : 0700CALLPROWESS, 0700GTCONNECT, 0700CALLDHL

Non Toll Free - 0700mybusiness

  • Memorable, easily recognizable, convenient to use
  • Improved communication accessibility
  • Attracts attention (tool for self-expression)
  • Personalized for your business
  • A marketing aid and indirect avenue to increase sales
  • Improves profitability
  • Improves customer service
  • Strengthens brand recognition
  • Helps increase credibility and prestige
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility.
  • Unlike 0800, customers get charged when they call.

Toll Free - 0800mybusiness


  • Encourages more people to call.
  • Indicates strength and stability that the provider or the subscriber of the toll free service has the capacity to carry his business and that of those that do business with the company.
  • Easily provide source of feedback.
  • A tool to project brand integrity and loyalty
  • Toll-free number provides an avenue to increase business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.
  • The best tool for customer service and customer care.
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility

SMAT Number Products


The activation process takes about 24 hours after payment has been confirmed.

Yes, the phone number attached to your SMAT Number still works normally.

No, using a SMAT Number does not require a recharge card.  You only pay the annual subscription fee

No, SMAT Number work on existing SIM cards. Prowess Spring Limited does not give new SIM card or modem.

You can mask 10 numbers (either discrete lines or E1 lines)

Yes, calls are made out and your customized name shows on the callers phone via our outbound implementation

No, caller ID (A-number) will show instead of SMAT Number ID because PROWESS does the translation of the SMAT Number and forward the caller ID directly to the masked lines for easy identification of the real caller. This allows call receiver to easily get the details of the caller.

Yes, free of charge.

Yes, we can change the masked line, but your identity remains the same.

No, the switch automatically cuts off, if the payment is not made at the due date.

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Make payments to PROWESS LIMITED

Explore any of these payment methods to make payments. Once payment is made, please kindly call – 0700CALLPROWESS (070022557769377)

Kindly download and fill the subscription form. 

1. Payment should be made to : –

Bank : GTBank

Account Name: Prowess Spring Limited.
Account Number: 0663309640

2. After payment send a scanned copy of the teller and subscription form to and

3. PROWESS will receive alert of the payment

4. The SMAT number will be activated and you will get a call to inform you that your number has been activated