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Software and web applications not only makes work easier, it gives life to business operands, Our team creates the type of web applications you need. Our modern softwares helps to improve and enhance productivity in your business.



We perfectly plan, calculate the strengths and weaknesses of the project, then help you develop a meaningful software.


Our team analyses the performance of the software at various stages and making notes on additional requirements to suit your desires.


We build the architecture of the project, detect possible flaws by setting a standard and attempting to stick to it.


To make sure 100% is guaranteed each software we design goes through a pilot study to see if it’s functioning properly.


We test to assess the software for errors and documents bugs if there are any.


Each of our softwaresit undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Zion Bible Ministry

Lifespring Technology amazingly did our job right…. And their innovations towards the improvement of our church technicality was awesome….

Emmanuel O. Shonde
Zion Bible Ministry

Team Work Nigeria

It was a wonderful experience working with Life Spring Technology, Their innovation and deep ideas towards our company’s desired website was awesome. I recommend them to all.

Oyeniran D.
Team Work Nigeria

Caleb International Schools

Their fast and effective strategies to make our school portal successful was commendable… Their patience to do what was needed was fantastic

Dr. Ola Adebogun
Caleb International Schools

Delmak Tiles

The work through process of building our website, the branding, graphic designing, optimization and digital marketing was a great impact to our organisation. Lifespring Technology can be said to be the best in I.T world

Abdulrasaq Bello, C.E.O
Delmak Tiles

N.U.T Ikorodu

We first thought they wont be able to create this wonderful service of Ikorodu that coagulates operations for over 1000 teachers in Ikorodu and cooperative members….Nice job and they had this encouraging walk through process… I recommend their softwares to banks, cooperatives and financial institutes.

Comrade Fakolade Olusegun
N.U.T Ikorodu Chairman