VOTEX: Vote Online With Ease


With VOTEX election processes can be very seamless, with just a click on a few buttons on your device.  VOTEX allows you to cast your vote securely from anywhere in the world.

VOTEX enables online co-determination and digitalizes your democracy. Our online voting systems demonstrably satisfy voting principles and they provide legally compliant results. Goodbye to the days of long voting queues and disenfranchisement caused by distance.

Why Choose Votex?

Easy Election Management

With VOTEX it is easy to plan your election and your voting process efficiently and effectively.

Robust Reports with Graphs

VOTEX produces not only pictorial view of your vote at real time but also bring forth a robust printable report.

Maximum Security

VOTEX meet the highest standards of security to protect your data and observe voting principles.

Hack Proof

VOTEX is designed with the latest technology that resist all forms of cyber attacks.

Timely and Effective

Rather than the traditional methods of voting, VOTEX help saves time and strengthen efficiency.

Cost Effective

Anyone can vote anywhere they are in the globe. There is no need for members to travel to vote.

Request Demo

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